How To Use Olive Oil For Wrinkles?

olive oil for wrinklesWondering if you can use olive oil for wrinkles?

It's been used by natural skin care enthusiasts for centuries.

The reason it's so useful in anti aging health is because it is so rich in a number of important anti aging nutritients like monounsaturated fats, Vitamin E, antioxidants and Omega 3 fatty acids.

And, as it happens, these are very things that our skin (and bodies) need to remain healthy, youthful, and wrinkle free.

Read on to find out how you can use olive oil on your face and body to keep your skin feeling soft, smooth, AND free of wrinkles.

Using Olive Oil For Facial Wrinkles

Some women choose to do a face steam for 15 minutes then massage directly onto the wrinkles around the eyes or other parts of the face.

This would work very well as a bi-weekly or monthly at-home face treatment. Any more than that and you're asking for trouble - too much olive oil will clog the pores and give you backheads and pimples.

However, if you combine olive oil with other skin-appropriate carrier oils and the right essential oils for wrinkles then you'd be in for a pretty wicked anti-wrinkle regime!

Using Olive Oil On Your Body

For non-face wrinkles try a hot bath with a 1/8 cup of olive oil. Again, this isn't something you would want to do often.

Once you get out of the tub (before you dry yourself off) get some aloe vera which has already been combined with essential oils for cellulite and dry skin and rub it all over your body.

Yes. Aloe Vera, that wasn't a typo. Aloe Vera will ensure that the maximum amount of olive oil is absorbed into your skin.

And don't forget, you can use Olive Oil for making an all natural soap as well. Making soap is a bit more time-intensive than rubbing olive oil all over yourself but it's a lot neater and travels better.

Olive For Anti Aging Health

If you're looking for info on olive for wrinkles, you'll be happy to learn that it can also aid in wrinkle reduction when consumed.

Adding olive oil to the diet several times a week will naturally help promote health and thereby keep the skin moisturized and smooth looking. 

In addition to being helpful for your skin, it's also really great for your heart and bowels. Yep, it's really great at keeping you"regular". And you know what they say about a healthy bowel right...

A word of caution about Olive Oil For Wrinkles

If you use olive oil for wrinkles it's important that you know that olive oil should not be used on its own for any extended period of time. Especially not on your face.

You can however use it as long as you want IF you combine it with another natural skin care oil (i.e. sweet almond). In this case, olive oil should only make up about 10% of the total recipe. Though great for dry skin, it will clog pores, create acne, and copius amounts of blcakheads unless you follow the above advice.

Olive oil is sold in different grades, such as virgin, extra virgin and refined. For skin care it is recommended that extra virgin olive oil be used as it is less pr


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